Glossary of Terms

This page references useful terms mentioned in The PVD Channel episodes.

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2DE: Two-Dimensional Echocardiography


ABI: Ankle Brachial Index

AC: Anticoagulation

ADL: Activity of Daily Living

AFS: Amputation-Free Survival

AKA: Above-the-Knee Amputation

ALI: Acute Limb Ischemia

AP: Ankle Pressure

APC: Amputation Prevention Center

ARR: Absolute Risk Reduction

AT: Anterior Tibial

ATA: Anterior Tibial Artery

ATK: Above the Knee


BAD: Big Artery Disease

BKA: Below-the-Knee Amputation

BMS: Bare Metal Stent

BTA: Below the Ankle

BTK: Below the Knee


CAD: Coronary Artery Disease

CEAP: Clinical-Etiological-Anatomical-Pathophysiological

CF: Common Femoral

CFAA: Common Femoral Artery

CFV: Common Femoral Vein

CI: Common Iliac

CI: Confidence Interval

CIV: Common Iliac Vein

CLI: Critical Limb Ischemia

CLTI: Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia

CM: Contrast Media

CMUT: Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers

CRP: C Reactive Protein

CSA: Cross-Sectional Area

CT: Computed Tomography

CTA: Computed Tomography Angiography

CTO: Chronic Total Occlusion

CTV: CT Venography

CV: Cardiovascular

CVD: Chronic Venous Disease

CVI: Chronic Venous Insufficiency


DC: Discharge

DCB: Drug-Coated Balloon

DES: Drug-Eluting Stent

Dex: Dexamethasone

DP: Dorsalis Pedis

DR: Deep Reflux

DR: Direct Endovascular Revascularization

DS: Diameter Stenosis

DSA: Digital Subtraction Angiography

DU: Duplex Ultrasound

DUS: Duplex Ultrasound

DVA: Developmental Venous Anomaly

DVI: Deep Venous Insufficiency

DVO: Deep Vein Obstruction

DVT: Deep Vein Thrombosis

DX: Disease


EIV: External Iliac Vein

ESRD: End-Stage Renal Disease

ESRF: End-Stage Renal Failure

EVA: Endovenous Laser Ablation

EVT: Endovascular Therapy

EVUS: Extravascular Ultrasound


FEM-POP: Femoropopliteal

FV: Femoral Vein


GDMT: Guideline Directed Medical Therapy

GLASS: Global Limb Anatomic Staging System

GSV: Great Saphenous Vein


HBOT: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HP: High Pressure

HR: Hazard Ratio

Hx: History


ICVO: Iliocaval Venous Obstruction

IF: Iliofemoral

IIV: Ipsilateral Iliac Vein

IR: Indirect Endovascular Revascularization

ISR: In-Stent Restenosis

IVC: Inferior Vena Cava

IVCF: Inferior Vena Cava Filter

IVL: Intravascular Lithotripsy

IVUS: Intravascular Ultrasound



K-M: Kaplan-Meier


LBP: Limb-Based Patency

LCIV: Left Common Iliac Vein

LDL: Low-Density Lipoprotein

LEIV: Left External Iliac Vein

LL: Lesion Length

LLE: Left Lower Extremity

LOV: Left Ovarian Vein

LRV: Left Renal Vein

LTAC: Long-Term Acute Care


MAC: Medial Arterial Calcification

MGV: Medial Gastrocnemial Vein

MI: Myocardial Infarction

MLD: Minimum Lumen Diameter

MPV: Multiplanar Venogram

MRA: Magnetic Resonance Angiography

MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRV: Magnetic Resonance Venography

MTPJ: Metatarsophalangeal Joint Pain

MTS: May-Thurner Syndrome


NIVL: Non-Thrombotic Iliac Vein Lesion


OV: Ovarian Vein


PAD: Peripheral Artery Disease

PCI: Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

PE: Pulmonary Embolism

PMHx: Past Medical History

PMT: Pharmacomechanical Thrombectomy

POBA: Percutaneous Old Balloon Angioplasty

PRESTO Technique: Precise REtrograde Supera STenting of the Ostium of the SFA for Complex Fem-Pop CTOs

PT: Posterior Tibial

PTA: Peripheral Transluminal Angioplasty

PTA: Posterior Tibial Artery

PTD: Post-Thrombotic Disease

PTS: Post-Thrombotic Syndrome

PUV: Peri-uterine Vein

PVD: Peripheral Vascular Disease

PVI: Peripheral Vascular Intervention

PVP: Pulse Volume Plethysmography

PVR: Pulse Volume Recording



RCC: Rutherford Clinical Category

RCIA: Right Common Iliac Artery

RCIV: Right Common Iliac Vein

REIV: Right External Iliac Vein

RFA: Radiofrequency Ablation

ROV: Right Ovarian Vein

RRV: Right Renal Vein

rVCSS: Revised Venous Clinical Severity Score


SAD: Small Artery Disease

SD: Standard Deviation

SF-36 PCS: Short-Form 36 Physical Component Summary

SFA: Superficial Femoral Artery

SFJ: Saphenofemoral Junction

SMA: Superior Mesenteric Artery

SPJ: Saphenopopliteal Junction

SR: Superficial Reflux

SSG: Split Skin Graft

SSV: Short Sapheneous Vein

SV: Superficial Vein

SVR: Superficial Vein Reflux

SVT: Superficial Vein Thrombosis


TAMI: Tibio-Pedal Arterial Minimally Invasive Retrograde Revascularization

TAP: Target Arterial Path

TASC: Trans-Atlantic Inter-Society Consensus Document on Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease

TBI: Toe Brachial Index

TCP02: Transcutaneous Oximetry

TLR: Target Lesion Reintervention

TMA: Transmetatarsal Amputation

TP: Toe Pressure


US: Ultrasound

UT: University of Texas


V: Vein

VAC: Vacuum

VAS: Visual Analog Scale

VCSS: Venous Clinical Severity Score

VFI: Venous Filling Index

VFT: Venous Filling Time

VI: Venous Insufficiency

VLU: Venous Leg Ulcer

VPOPF: Vein of Popliteal Fossa

VS: Vein Stenosis

VS: Vascular Surgeon


WC: Wound Care

WIFI: Wound, Ischemia, Foot Infection

WRA: Wound-Related Artery